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israel. in a 2006 interview with aaron david miller hagel said the following, the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people here. i am not an israeli senator i am a u.s. senator. hagel favored direct talks with iran and is one of two senators to vote against sanking iran. many are questioning the president's choice. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran sanctions won't work that it is negotiating hamas which is an organization terrorist group that lobbed thousands of rockettes into israel. >> his defenders point to his two purple hearts in vietnam. >> chuck hague elt is a tremendous patriot served incred before i in vietnam and served as a senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. so why all of the prejudging? i don't know. the senate rejected 9 cabinet nominations since 1834. the last was john towers the nominee for secretary of defense in 1989. back to you in new york. >> you know it's
of the committee. >> hagel's commitment to israel and where he will be able to play tough with iran and nuclear ambitions. hagel has been lob being hard trying to win support of one member at a time. chuck schumer uncertain about hagel decided to back him after winning commitments on israel. at least some senate republicans this will be a big thumps down. >> i cannot support who thinkings we should be tougher on israel and more lenient on iran. >> hagel wiould oversee the mil te mill tear reat a time of slipging budgets and tough choices. the fiercest critics are going to be from the right. wide licks pekted despite a tough couple days ahead hagel is going to ultimately be confirmed as the nation's next secretary of defense. back to you guys. >> doug luzader a lot going on in washington today. >> a lot going on in the south. extreme weather in the southeast. tornadoes ripping through half a dozen states leveling everything in its path and this morning two people are dead. mark height ner is in georgia and that's an area that has seen widespread damage this morning. things are looking really bad
this company decided to stay in the usa. i have the story coming up. : >> it is 43 after the hour. first israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu scheduled for reelection. netanyahu promised voters he would keep israel safe and go jewish settlements despite this. >> left him clinging to life on a raft for 2 days. the cruise ship not ready for rescues used a dingy on shore. the 63-year-old sailor expected to be just fine. >> there's a study out that shows 80 percent of us are willing to pay more to buy products made in the usa. i went to hudson ohio to visit one company who has been making toys for the last 30 years. turns out the toys made here don't cost more. >> chances are you have a toddler your kitchen looks a little like this. this bright little car is called a cozy coup and in the last 33 years little tykes has sold more than 14 million worldwide. 80 percent of the products including the turtle sandbox and swing are made in america. nearly 1,000 people work at the hudson ohio plant. tom richmond general manager shows us how these tiny plastic beads are transformed into toys. >> we are go
could one day make the u.s. weapons against israel. >> i am scared to death that as i have met as i have been around the country there people that are fighting for israel which to me it's a forward out post for us. they are going to die because this administration sent the weapons to kill our allies. >> others say the u.s. should suspend aid to egypt mead twrattwra -- immediately. >> i would suspend, not end it but suspend it and let the military know we are watch whatti -- watching what they are doing. they have no idea how to deal with multi layered ramifications of the arab they don't know how to deal with morrissey and brotherhood big wins. >> the pentagon called egypt a strategic partner in the u.s. in efforts to stabilize the region. cancelling the f-16 shipment would send a quote damaging and lasting signal to egypt civilian and military leadership. >> thank you so much for that report. >> it is time to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. the school at o-- they attend school at our nation's capital but soon they may not have to learn about how the governm
in the middle east israel is anxiously following iran's every move as they try to build a nuclear weapon. >> we will do what we must do to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. i repeat here today our policy is not containment. it is prevention. >> the top republican senator bob corker from tennessee tells us yesterday he expects to actually vote on senator kerry's confirmation sometime next week and secretary clinton is apparently planning on staying put at the state department until the 21 ss. a vote possibly tuesday would allow for a smooth transition. >> peter doocy in washington thank you so much. have a great day. >> it is time for a look at who is talking. let's switch our focus to the controversy the most deadly weapons for the country of egypt as part of the massive 8 package. >> 20 are being handed over to the country those critical of this they fear the weapons can one day maybe be used against israel. last night hannity sent his cameras to a flight museum in texas. there he showed just how deadly an f-16 can be when it ends up in the wrong hands. take a listen to a former u.
comments about israel and talks with iran are already angering some senate republicans. if the white house runs into trouble with these three, the one guy that may have the relative cake walk here as far as his confirmation is concerned is senator john kerry who has been taped by the president to become the next secretary of state succeeding hillary kr clinton. >>> let's get the first degree weather update with lovely maria molina. >> she is here with a look atlanta storm brewing -- look am in the south. >> we have a brand new storm system impacting texas and mid mississippi valley. it will be producing a lot of heavy rain. that's why we are looking at a flooding concern. the good news today with the weather is we are experiencing mild temperatures in places like the northeast. new york city the high temperature today at 47 degrees. rapid city 45 degrees for your high temperature and 50 into the 50s as we head into the afternoon in denver and colorado. looking at mild air in place. the storm system across texas already starting to reduce isolated showers across the eastern part of the stat
anti government violence. more than 50 people were killed this weekend across the country. to israel now after 7 years in a coma former prime minister ariel sharon's brain is showing signs of life a recent brain scan found significant activity. he has been in a vegetative state. >> a daring rescue caught on camera. two men and a young child stranded as their truck became engulfed with flood waters. >> they had a toddler into a water proof bag and hoisted to safety. both women were saved as well. >> did you get an e-mail on friday suggesting facebook owed you money? i did. check your junk mail. that e-mail is no scam. diane macedo has the story. >> what is this about? >> heather, facebook users started receiving an e-mail friday with a class action lawsuit against the site. they violated user's privacy by images using profile maim in sponsored stories a form of advertising introduce the in 2011 which shows when a user like add certain page or played a game or shared a link. unlike many facebook users they cannot opt out of sponsored stories. the parties are working on implementing a $
those weapons. and we knew there was smuggling radios that would go into sinai threaten israel. there are other reasons why we were there not just the state department but other government agencies. when and where we go back will depend on the security situation. what kind of security support diplomats will have. i have dangerous posts all over the world. we have people in incredibly high threaten environments. >> i have seen some of them. >> you have seen some of them. they are there because we believe being there is in america's national interest, particularly our security interests. >>> now to stories you can bank on this morning. joining us from the fox business network is lauren simonetti. you are telling us college is worth it. it's a million dollar investment. questioning the value of the bachelor's degree. college might not be worth the high price tag. he says studies suggest colleges are not worth it are not only wrong they are dead wrong. the bachelor's degree holders over the course of a lifetime $2.3 million. by comparison just a high school diploma average $1.3 mil
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)